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There’s what I believe and then there’s you.

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1.03 | 2.02

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simon/kieren + text posts

in the flesh character + name meanings

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"She showed up and she seemed somewhat inexperienced, so I gave her a few pointers, and I think she has a decent career ahead of her… I think she’s a diamond in the rough."
—Actor Cameron Monaghan on working with Meryl Streep in The Giver Film

i need more of my small fandoms on my dash


my dash is mostly spn right now, but i miss my smaller fandoms, so reblog (or like, but getting the word out would be nice) if you post any of the following, especially if you post more than one:

  • shameless (us)
  • in the flesh
  • being human (uk)
  • orange is the new black
  • orphan black

and i’ll check out your blog and probably follow you woohoo

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Shameless + tumblr text posts


Parts 1(x), 2(x), 3(x), 4(x)

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